Biological Sewage Treatment Plant


  • Type Approval in accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC.159 (55), IMO Resolution MEPC.227 (64) incl. clause 4.2
    (P and N removal) and MARPOL Annex IV
  • Fulfills also the stringent Great Lakes and Alaska requirements
  • AWT approved by B.V. for strictest "green" class notations
  • Highly flexible, it can be scaled up with the number of JZR or DVZ-BMSU modules
  • Stainless Steel Membrane/s; nearly indestructible, as a world unique feature
  • Outside mounted Membrane/s (easy to access without opening any tank)
  • Optimum Bio-process monitoring and High purification effect
  • Compact and Stainless Steel Design with smallest possible footprint
  • High Biomass concentration tolerance and Defined Retention Time
  • Neither internal moving parts, nor sensitive against shock, vibration and movement

The unique Jet-Zone-Reactor DVZ-JZR, as the first stage of the sewage treatment process, can also be mounted directly into an existing sewage tank to convert it to a reactor chamber.

System Description

The black and grey water will be send to the buffer by vacuum and gravity. The sewage from the galley willpass a fat trap before entering the buffer tank.

The buffer tank has to buffer the pick loads of wastewater and homogenise it. There is a bottom aerator in the buffer tank for mixing and conditioning the waste water during the buffering process.

The transfer pump will deliver the wastewater to the STP and feed it into the recirculation loop of the JZR via double filter. The recirculation pump mixes the inlet wastewater with the activated wastewater of the JZR reactor and feeds it into the JZR reactor bleed loop via the two media nozzle.

Due to the injector effect of the two media nozzle air is sucked in from outside via a central air pipe. This air flow will be boosted by additional pre-compressing through the blower.

The real amount of air flow will be indicated by the flow indicator. The two media nozzle produces a perfect homogenous mixture with very small dispersed air bubbles and small biological flocks, which will be injected into the special JZR primer reactor.

The JZR primer reactor is equipped with special hydraulic inserts, which cause different hydraulic flow loops. These loops multiply the aeration effect. The primer JZR reactor is integrated in an outer bioreactor, which is also equipped with a circulation feature. The recirculation loop is designed in this way that it is possible to reach primary aeration and secondary saturation or both using the outer reactor space.

The biological purified wastewater flows through a calming zone with guide tools and overflow weir to the intermediate tank. This tank works as a pump sump and buffer for the pump and as dry- and overflow protection for the STP system.

For producing clean water, the biomass/ water selection will be done with a special BMSU-Membrane, which is designed and manufactured by DVZ-SERVICES GmbH.The used principle applied is the cross flow membrane filtration.

The bleed pump forces a permanent high recirculation flow (bleed) inside the membrane tubes, and the Feed Pump feeds the biologically treated water in the recirculation loop.

Because of feeding the biologically treated water with a Feed Pump, the pressure on the feed side of the membrane will increase and forces a permeate flow (flux, clean water).

A special automatic conditioning - and cleaning system (CIP) will keep the membrane in good working condition. The amount of permeate (actually produced clean water) flow will be indicated by the flow meter. Because of using the membrane filtration for biomass selection, the produced clean water is free of all solids, coli bacteria and other pollutants (acc. to IMO Res. MEPC.159 (55)), and therefore does not require any additional disinfection.

The whole JZR-Sewage Treatment Plant is controlled automatically by PLC, which allows ongoing observation and control of process relevant parameters by sensors.