DVZ - EPS "BIOMASTER"® - ECONBiological Sewage Treatment Plant

Key Features

  • Type Approval in accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC.227 (64) and MARPOL Annex IV
  • Optimized Multi-Step Process
  • Chlorination/dechlorination and/or UV disinfection as final process stage
  • Well-known DVZ Stainless Steel Design
  • Neither internal moving parts, nor sensitive against shock, vibration and movement.


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System Description

The DVZ-EPS "BIOMASTER"®- ECON is a biological Sewage-Treament-Plant with a Four-Chamber-Bioreactor made of stainless steel.

Of course, it is type approved according to IMO Resolution MEPC.227 (64) and MARPOL Annex IV.

The pre-treated sewage flows via a overflow into the second chamber with the first submerged fixed-bed reactor. In this stage, a special nozzle-ring blows in fine air bubbles, in order to keep the sewage in suspension and to exite the micro-organisms on the surface of the fixed-bed into extreme activity. This causes an almost complete aerobic-biological degradation of the sewage. - Remaining ac¬tivated sludge is fed back into the primary treatment-chamber and continues to serve as an active bio-mass within the system.

The biological treated sewage flows over a DVZ-designed baffle plate thickener, where the sewage will be calmed down. Particulate material sinks down and deposits.

In the fourth chamber, the desinfection chamber, bacteria and microbes will be killed with a chlorination and de-chlorination process or optionally with UV-radiation.

If the maximum level is reached, a discharge pumpe empties the chamber until a defined level.

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