DVZ - JZR "BIOMASTER"®Biological Sewage Treatment Plant

Key Features

  • Type Approval in accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC.159 (55), IMO Resolution MEPC.227 (64) incl. clause 4.2 (P and N removal) and MARPOL Annex IV.
  • Fulfills the stringent requirements for Great Lakes, Alaska and Special Areas.
  • Highly flexible and scalable. Process steps and system components can be divided and assembled separately.
  • Highly efficient Jet-Zone-Reactor DVZ-JZR with immense Biomass concentration tolerance, defined retention time and high purification effect.
  • Biomass Separation Unit DVZ-BMSU with the unique and indestructible Stainless Steel Membranes; mounted outside for easiest cleaning, changing and maintenance without system opening (min. two membranes).
  • Ultra Compact Stainless Steel Design with smallest possible footprint (up to 75 % space saving compared to conventional ship sewage treatment plants).
  • No chemicals for treatment or disinfection necessary
  • Neither internal moving parts, nor sensitive against shock, vibration and movement.


 ✔ Yachts                                       ✔ Cruise                                       ✔ Onshore

✔ Special Vessels                      ✔ Commercial Vessels           

✔ Navy Vessels                           ✔ Offshore         

Modern, innovative, highly efficient and reliable sewage treatment ... this is what our DVZ-JZR “BIOMASTER”® combines in one high level system.

The interaction of our key technologies DVZ-JZR (Jet-Zone-Reactor) and DVZ-BMSU (Biomass Separation Unit) forms the unique sewage treatment system DVZ-JZR “BIOMASTER”®, which sets new benchmarks in sewage treatment.

A wide range of options tailored to the sewage treatment system, such as a fully automatic pre-filter unit or an anti-foam solution, result in a holistic solution.

The high flexibility and the modular design allow the system to be optimally adapted to customer specifications and the conditions in the engine room.

Process stages and other components can be divided to the extent that final assembly in the engine room is possible, eliminating the need to open the hull to replace the treatment plant.

This also makes it possible to (re)equip existing tanks with the DVZ-JZR (Jet-Zone-Reactor) and thus convert them into the first process stage.

“I found the DVZ-JZR to be the best Sewage Treatment Plant which I have operated and would not hesitate to recommend it as the preferred unit on board any [...] luxury yacht.”

(Citation: Chief Engineer, Luxury Yacht)

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