Flexible in every single process step - Refit with a standalone Biomass Separation Unit "DVZ-BMSU"

You do not want to change the complete Sewage Treatment Plant or it is simply not possible? But what to do, if the STP does not comply with the statutory provided limits? - For these special requirements DVZ also offers his Biomass Separation Unit "DVZ-BMSU" as a stand alone unit for refit/retrofit.

Last week, we have visited a vessel of the Canadian Coast Guard within a business travel, to speak with the crew and to get a direct feedback from the users.

DVZ has realized this refit project in 2012, because the conventional sewage treatment plant on board has not met or fallen below the required limit values. So the DVZ-BMSU was connected downstream of the collection tank for the effluent of the STP.

After now seven years in service, the DVZ-BMSU works reliably and easy like on its first day. It is cleaned uncomplicated every four to six weeks and it is also regularly sampled with perfect results.