Refit of a 92-metre (301’10” ft) luxury motor yacht completed

Inadequate waste water values, operating problems, quality problems... a sewage treatment plant on board can quickly become a candidate for a refit.

In this case, the DVZ "REFIT-PROGRAM" with our DVZ-JZR "BIOMASTER"® would be the right choice! Individual fitted sewage treatment plants, tailor-made for customer requirements!

We have delivered and installed such a bespoke unit for the refit of a 92-metre (301’10” ft) luxury motor yacht (launched in 2016). One of the greatest benefits: The plant was built demountable! No part of the ship had to be opened for the installation of the new sewage treatment system.

Since then, the chief can rely on up-to-date sewage treatment technology, low maintenence and highest quality.

For more information about the DVZ-JZR "BIOMASTER"® sewage treatment plants, please click HERE.