DVZ Navy Ship Products

"Defending" the environment

Non-magnetic components, further explicit material requirements, shock resitance... these are only some examples which are to consider for water treatment units for navy use.

Also on this sector, DVZ also owns many years of experience.

The Sewage Treatment Systems DVZ-JZR "BIOMASTER"® and DVZ-SKA "BIOMASTER"®-PLUS as well as the Oily Water Separators DVZ-FSU "OILCHIEF"® and the Fat Traps DVZ-FT are availiable as special "Navy Versions" and of course customized along users requirements and needs.

Here you can see some examples of solutions, especially built for Navy Ships:


Sewage Treatment System DVZ-JZR-250 "BIOMASTER"® built as Navy Version

DVZ_FSU_Oily Water Separator DVZ-FSU-2500 "OILCHIEF"® built as Navy Version