Land Applications



Modular Container Sewage Treatment System

  • Proven DVZ Stainless Steel Design with "almost indestructible" BMSU-Membrane-Unit
  • Ready-to-Connect / Ready-to-Use
  • Adaptable to customer requirements and needs
  • Scalable and sheltered in ISO Sea Containers
  • For harsh environment and all climate zones
  • Areas of application (e.g.): Military camps, disaster areas, worker camps, events and touristic areas, refugee camps, port facilities, industrial wastewater, offshore platforms


The steady development of new solutions and the advancement of our systems are firmly anchored in our company politics. Now, after over 35 years "at sea", DVZ-Systems are also going ashore.

The technologies from our Sewage Treatment Systems for the maritime sector are also finding application in processes on land.

In particular our Jet-Zone-Reactor Technology offers new and economic opportunities in various areas of the Sewage Treatment and -Processing:

  • High flexibility and easy to integrate into existing Sewage Processing Plants and Production Processes
  • Compact and modular construction
  • Use as a mobile disposal unit
  • The Jet-Zone-Reactor can be used for Municipal Sewage
    up to Part Process Streams from the Industry
  • Problematic sewage with varying load peaks
  • Highly loaded process streams
  • Dismantling of toxic sewage ingredients
  • Well suited for Crisis Areas
  • Low operating costs