Why DVZ Waste Water Treatment?

Mankind and the oceans have been closely entwined since the dawn of time. The oceans are an indispensable part of the ecological system of our planet and must be protected. Oceans and waterways are a source of food, transport and a major part of future energy generation.

Shipping has grown steadily over the last centuries and has become indispensable to today’s worldwide economy. Moreover, the extraction of raw materials covered by the oceans represents an essential part of our energy supply.

However, mankind leaves traces in its use of the oceans, which due to the amount mean that the oceans have become unable to clean themselves.

DVZ waste water treatment plants help the environment to preserve its natural balance.

Following the rules of sustainability, we develop and deliver solutions which allow our customers to fulfil the requirements of an environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving use of the oceans with respect to ecology, legal compliance and economy.

DVZ... simply sustainable.