Sustainability...not because it´s just popular.

Sustainability is too often simply equated with “environmental protection” However, we see this as an overarching concept and understand it as a principle of action for the use of resources, which not only focuses on an ecologically sustainable course of action, but also completes it with social and economic sustainability and makes it holistic.

Just as we live sustainability in our company, we also communicate it to our business partners. However, sustainability is far from being a simple sales argument for us. We use resources and consume them. Making this happen consciously, carefully and responsibly is an integral part of our daily business.

Everyone at DVZ supports our sustainability ambitions, actively helps shape them and takes responsibility for them.

We support the United Nations Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From this, we took four of these goals (6, 9, 12 ,14) in 2018 as the basis of our sustainability ambitions and implemented them as orientation goals. 

In 2021, these were supplemented by two further goals (8, 17) and SDG 13 was included as generally overarching.

We distinguish between the goals that we support directly through our sewage and waste water treatment systems and those to which we contribute through our business activities and our approach in our sector.