DVZ Offshore Products

... same but different. 

Waste water treatment plants for offshore platforms for oil and gas exploration have the same importance in our portfolio as our solutions for the marine, yachting and shipping sectors.

DVZ-SERVICES delivers plants for the new construction of platforms as well as for the conversion or retrofitting of existing units.

In close cooperation with our customers and on the basis of the fundamental technical configuration of our waste water treatment plants, we plan and develop individual solutions for the offshore sector which integrate into the configuration of each individual platform.

Here you can see some examples from the "Offshore Plant" sector:

Offshore Skit



Compact and sheltered Sewage Treatment Modul, designed and built in accordance to highest Offshore Standards and to operate in harsh environment. Incorporates Sewage Treatment System DVZ - JZR "BIOMASTER"®, Buffer- and Collecting-Tank DVZ - SCT, Electric Control Panel, Climatisation, Automatic Pre-Filter DVZ - "AF"; for retrofits and newbuildings.

A few more impressions...






Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ - JZR "BIOMASTER"® built in accordance to highest Offshore Standards



Buffer- and Collecting Tank DVZ - SCT with integrated arration system, pumps and macerators



Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ - SKA "BIOMASTER"® PLUS splitted version (BMSU-Unit and Bio-Reactor)