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Let's talk about Viruses...

The corona pandemic teaches us that a virus like SARS-CoV-2 knows no borders and spreads swiftly across the entire globe.

As a manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems, since the beginning of the pandemic we have been increasingly being asked about the extent to which our technology can counteract these viruses.

We will not claim that our patented membranes DVZ-BMSU (Biomass Separation Unit) specifically filter viruses from biologically treated wastewater. The cross-flow membranes we use also retain a proportion of viruses, but no reliable values can be defined for this. It is also still disputed how long and whether viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, which triggers Covid-19, survive in wastewater.

However, we do of course take our customers' concerns seriously, so that we have also thought twice about the configuration of our systems with regard to viruses such as SARS-CoV-2:

The membranes used in our plant types DVZ-JZR "BIOMASTER"© and DVZ-SKA "BIOMASTER"© ensure that there are no solids in the output permeate in which viruses can "hide". Because if solids are still present after the clarification process, any pathogens trapped in them will not be reached and not killed by a downstream disinfection system.

Since the special membrane technology of our wastewater treatment plants optimally excludes precisely these remaining solids, we can speak of the greatest possible certainty that even the last pathogens, which may nevertheless have passed the membrane stage individually, are eliminated by a (for example) downstream UV unit.

DVZ… Waste Water Treatment thought ahead!

Flexible in every single process step - Refit with a standalone Biomass Separation Unit "DVZ-BMSU"

You do not want to change the complete Sewage Treatment Plant or it is simply not possible? But what to do, if the STP does not comply with the statutory provided limits? - For these special requirements DVZ also offers his Biomass Separation Unit "DVZ-BMSU" as a stand alone unit for refit/retrofit.

Last week, we have visited a vessel of the Canadian Coast Guard within a business travel, to speak with the crew and to get a direct feedback from the users.

DVZ has realized this refit project in 2012, because the conventional sewage treatment plant on board has not met or fallen below the required limit values. So the DVZ-BMSU was connected downstream of the collection tank for the effluent of the STP.

After now seven years in service, the DVZ-BMSU works reliably and easy like on its first day. It is cleaned uncomplicated every four to six weeks and it is also regularly sampled with perfect results.


Another custom made Sewage Treatment Solution leaves our works

"Tailoring" a Sewage Treatment Solution in accordance to special customer requirements is one of DVZ's expertises. So we have proven this again with this DVZ-JZR-100 "BIOMASTER"®, which has left our works these days.

The system was "devided" into its process steps and arranged into the available space aboard.

Finally a sewage buffer and collecting tank (DVZ SCT) with a capacity of 5000 liters was also integrated into this configuration and all pumps and side channel blowers were realized redundant.

Additionally our customer has insisted that all systems within this small series must be built exactly identically.

We are proud to make a further contribution to clean seas and waters with these plants and to offer our customers a reliable, economical solution according to their individual requirements.


Refit of a 92-metre (301’10” ft) luxury motor yacht completed

Inadequate waste water values, operating problems, quality problems... a sewage treatment plant on board can quickly become a candidate for a refit.

In this case, the DVZ "REFIT-PROGRAM" with our DVZ-JZR "BIOMASTER"® would be the right choice! Individual fitted sewage treatment plants, tailor-made for customer requirements!

We have delivered and installed such a bespoke unit for the refit of a 92-metre (301’10” ft) luxury motor yacht (launched in 2016). One of the greatest benefits: The plant was built demountable! No part of the ship had to be opened for the installation of the new sewage treatment system.

Since then, the chief can rely on up-to-date sewage treatment technology, low maintenence and highest quality.

DVZ-JZR aboard

For more information about the DVZ-JZR "BIOMASTER"® sewage treatment plants, please click HERE.