DVZ Luxury Yacht Products

... the smart choice. 

OilrigThe innovative product range of DVZ-SERVICES specially for Luxury and Mega Yachts includes not only bilge water separators DVZ-FSU-“OILCHIEF®” and fat separation units DVZ-FT but also the new generation of wastewater treatment systems, like the DVZ-JZR-“BIOMASTER”® and DVZ-SKA- “BIOMASTER”®-PLUS types. Both are equipped with our unique Biomass Separation Unit (BMSU).

Our waste water treatment units and black- and greywater management are available for new building, conversion and retrofitting in accordance to our customers specifications.

All systems are certified to the relevant and latest IMO regulations and have proven successful in practical operation on board.

The wastewater treatment plants can also be supplied with the AWT Certificate from B.V. to meet the most demanding requirements.

Besides the systems functionality, special importance was placed on reliability, such as the use of stainless steel construction and ease of maintenance.

Here you can see some examples from the "Luxury Yachts" sector:

Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ JZR - "BIOMASTER"® Customized Version.

Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ - JZR "BIOMASTER"® Customized Version with Black- and Greywater Collecting Tank.

Oily Water Separator DVZ FSU - "OILCHIEF"® Luxury Yacht Version.

Fat Trap DVZ - FT Luxury Yacht Version